GSOC preparation- Day 2

As I had narrowed down the list to seven, I found out that I am not much acquainted with Apache and Inkscape. So, It will be difficult for me to go on with these organisations. There are 5 organisations left: Libreoffice which took 11 students, Mozilla which took 20 students, Python which took 33 students, OpenCV which took 12 and SymPy which took 7 students last summer.  I looked at the project ideas of these organisation and got interested in many of the projects. I tried to participate in IRC for Mozilla and OpenCV. Mozilla has a good IRC channel for beginners #introduction in mibbit. People are quite helpful and friendly.  I went through the introduction page of mozilla developers and installed all the prerequisites for build, cloned their repo and built the source code. I learnt about Mercurial and IRC services at the end of the day.


GSOC Preparation- Day 1

I am preparing for GSOC 2014. This is the best thing I could find to do in  summer. The initial lists for the mentoring organization came last night.  The list is  here.  Based on my skills and interest I narrowed down the list to seven organizations: Apache, Inkscape, Libreoffice, Mozilla, Python, OpenCV and SimPy. I was hoping SimpleCV to come as a mentoring organization.  But, to my surprise it didn’t come this year. The organizations I am hoping for are some well known organizations in their field.  So, I think the chances are lower.  But, I am really interested in contributing to a well known project to get a sense of fulfillment.  Let’s hope things go well in the coming two weeks. I am quite busy this week as there are lots of assignment and project stuffs out there. I will be prioritizing the works for GSOC as this can return well. Yesterday after the publication of mentoring organization list I went through the chats and bug lists of Mozilla and OpenCV. Mozilla has a good IRC service and the developers are quite helpful. Hope that I will successfully go through the journey of GSOC this year and this brings out a new coder out of me in the summer.